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    wLure Fishing Lures 6.4cm 7g Crankbait Wobbler Hard Bait Pike Fishing Carp Artificial Bait 2023 Colors Fake Lure C503

    Length: 6.4 cm
    Body Length: 5.1 cm
    Weight: 7.1 g
    Depth: Shallow
    Hook Size: 8

    Tight Wobble
    Slow Floating
    Tank Tested
    High Quality ABS Construction
    Black Nickel Round Bend Treble Hooks
    Epoxy Coating on Finish

    this fishing lure is a slow-floating tight wobble bait with a body length of 5.1 cm and a weight of 7.1 g. It has a length of 6.4 cm, and it is recommended to use a hook size 8. The lure is designed to work best in shallow water.

    The tight wobble action of the lure mimics the natural swimming motion of small baitfish, making it an attractive target for predatory fish such as bass or trout. The slow-floating design allows the lure to stay in the strike zone longer, increasing the chances of attracting fish.

    The high-quality ABS construction of the lure makes it durable and long-lasting, while the tank testing process ensures that the lure performs as intended. The black nickel round bend treble hooks are sharp and effective at hooking fish, while the epoxy coating on the finish helps to protect the lure from wear and tear.

    Overall, this fishing lure is a great option for anglers who want to target fish in shallow waters with a realistic and effective lure. The slow-floating design and tight wobble action make it a versatile lure that can be used in a variety of fishing conditions.