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    Ultimate Metal Polishing Cream Knife Machine Polishing Wax Mirror Stainless Steel Ceramic Watch Polishing Paste Rust Remover

    Instantly remove tarnish, rust, oxidationfrom metal surfaceswith Ultimate Metal Polish Cream!

    Thanks to the highly effective formula, the cream offersan all-in-one solution to clean, shine & protectyour metal possession. After removing all the flaws, it leaves a deep lustrous shine with along-lasting, protective & tarnish-repellingfinish.

    With itsnon-abrasivefeature, it’s completelysafe and non-damagingto any metal products, which makes itwidely applicableto copper, brass, sterling silver, aluminium, stainless steel or even gold.


    • Instantly & safely remove tarnish, oxidation, rust etc.

    • Cleans, polishes & protects in one go

    • Provides shiny, long-lasting protective coating

    • 100% Non-abrasive & non-damaging

    • Widely applicable to copper, brass, chrome, sterling silver, aluminium, stainless steel, gold etc.

    • No irritating smell


    1. Apply a small on a metal object

    2. Use a cloth to wipe