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    SMAR NEW WIFI NVR 8CH CCTV NVR for 5MP/3MP IP Camera Face Detect Network Video Recorder H.265 P2P Video Surveillance System

    Packing List

    1* 8CH WIFI NVR
    1* Power Adapter
    1* USB Mouse

    ChannelType of 8CH

    1. Max support 8*3MP IP Camera,or 4*5MP IP Camera
    2.Support mixed access of wired IP Camera and WIFI Camera;

    Face Record/Face Detection/Face Playback

    Record every face that appears on the lens, without missing any details.
    You need use the Face Detction Function IP Camera

    Alert area

    AI Humanoid Motion Detection & Email Alert/Record

    When motion is detected, the NVR can send email or start record to the hard disk without missing any important events.

    (Note:AI Humanoid Motion Detection:Depends on your camera)

    Multi Languages:

    English,Russian,Italian,Portuguese,Spanish,French,Germany.,etc...Total 28 languages

    Real Two Way Audio

    Built-in microphone and speaker / Customized new speakers with loud volume .
    You could talk to anyone nears the camera ( Warn someone to leave your house )

    The Operation is Very Easy
    One click selection Wired or Wireless configuration,
    please check the screenshot as below:

    Support ONVIF

    you can connect any brand's Onvif IP Cameras to our this NVR;

    Smar's Video Recorder all support ONVIF and NETIP Protocol;
    Netip: It is a Private protocol, only applicable to Network Video Products of XM Scheme;
    Onvif: It is an international open network video product standard network interface protocol;
    Onvif Advantages:
    Onvif likes a communication bridge, It can implement multiple devices(IP Camera and Video Recorder) from different manufacturers connected to each other, mutual Communication.
    Onvif Disadvantages:
    The standards of onvif protocol are also different for video network products of different manufacturers;
    So,Their communication with each other will cause some bad problems, such as: motion detection can not work normally; Audio and video can't be synchronized; Loss of video data, etc......
    (Note: We recommend that when you buying the Network Video Recorder, also buying the IP Camera from our store, Because they have perfect private protocol between them, it can fully display products all of the functions.)

    HDMI & VGA Output

    Default Display of Resulution:1920*1080,Your monitor must be has the same display of Resolution, otherwise it will not image output

    Easy access via multi-platform

    Support Mobile Phone iOS, Android System,Remote view of mobile phones, any time... any where...

    Easy connection

    Advanced H.265++ Video Compression

    H.265 (HEVC) doubles the coding efficiency compared with its predecessor H.264. That means H.265++ video saves around 70% of the bit rate at the same quality of coding.

    Support 2.5"SSD Interface

    NVR Size and Multi angle display:

    Easy remote access Anytime anywhere

    P2P technology supports remote access on the mobile device,Just intall the APP on your phone by scanning the QR cade or storing from the APP View the camera remotely anytime, any where. PC use the to visit the camera.

    How to manage the cameras through PC client?

    1. Please used your mobile phone to scan the QR code as below, and then click to download;

    2. Please install VMS software on your computer, then login VMS Software, Username: admin, Password:admin

    3. Please click the Device Manager-IPV4 Search-choose address of IP Camera- ADD-SAVE,Search and Camera successfully;

    4. Click t he Live View, then click IP Address of Default Group, then you will can Watching Video.