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    SHIDU 15W Portable Voice Amplifier Wired Microphone FM Radio AUX Audio Recording Bluetooth Speaker For Teachers Instructor S278

    SHIDU 15W Portable Voice Amplifier Wired Microphone FM Radio AUX Audio Recording Bluetooth Speakers Amplified For Teacher S278

    Before turn on the voice amplifier, ensure that the MIC don't point at the Speakers amplified, this will eliminate any annoyance associated with howling. For ensure better amplification, aim at the headset MIC capsule when speaking, and keep the distance between the voice amplifier and the MIC more than 60 cm to avoid howling.
    Simply tucking the speaker around waist, and mounting headphone over head can help achieve the required distance.

    1. Output Power: 15W
    2. Charging Voltage: DC 5V, 0.5A
    3. Lithium Battery: 3.7V, 2500Mah
    4. Working Time:With 50% Volume
    8~10 Hours (Musical Mode);
    10~12 Hours (Wired Mic Mode)
    5. Charging Time: 3~5 Hours
    6. Product Size: 115*86*35mm
    7. Unit Weight: 204g
    8. Available Color: Black
    9. Working Temperature: -10℃~45℃
    10. Frequency Response: 200Hz~18Khz
    11. Sound Coverage: 800㎡

    Main Featuers:
    1. SHIDU Patented Appearance;
    2. Stylish, Ergonomic And Comfortable Design;
    3. High Power Double Magnetic Trumpet --- More Clear And Penetrating;
    4. Bluetooth 4.2 Chip, Singnal Transmission More Fast And Stable;
    5. Wired MIC With Built-In High Quality Lithume Battery;
    6. OLED Screen,Adopt 3.5 Inch HiFi Double Magnetic Big-Size Trumpet, Maximum Peak Up To 15W;
    7. Adopt Shidu Acoustic Amplification Electroacoustic System;
    8. Equipped With SHIDU Special Acoustic Microphone --- HiFi Original Sound Amplification;
    9. Super MP3 Audio Encoding Technology --- Support TF Card & U Flash Disk;
    10. One Touch HiFi Recording;
    11. Support AUX --- Can Connect With PC And Work As Speaker;
    12. Support FM Stereo Radio.

    Standard Package:
    1 * Main Machine
    1 * Waistband
    1 * Microphone
    1* USB Cabel
    1 * User Manual