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    SHAHE New Hardened Stainless Steel 0-150mm Digital Caliper Vernier Calipers Micrometer Electronic Vernier Caliper Measuring Tool


    Note: The parcel will be sent without battery ,The battery type is 3V CR2032 environmental Lithium battery

    If you order from RU&ES warehouse ,the caliper will be sent with batteries



    1.what is the difference between 5110 and 5000 digital caliper?


    Only color is different, 5110 is blue ,5000 is silver


    2.what is the difference between 5110, 5000 and  5100 digital caliper?

    5100 is with large screen and ABS function,and 5100 battery is 3VCR1632 ,other types are 3VCR2032

    3.what is the difference between 5110 ,5000 ,5100 and 5112 digital caliper?


    ① 5112 shell and component are different,② 5112 Thickness is different,③ 5112 package is different


    Characteristic & Function


    1.Hardened stainless steelmain scale and measuring jaw.
    2.Zero-setting at any position
    mm/inch measurement system conversion
    4.IP54 waterproof
    . its complete sealed module structure, provide it with certain resistance to water, oil and coolant
    Measuring types : internal dimension, external dimension,steps and depth and so on
    6.High quality Large LCD display
    7.Maximum measuring speed:3000mm/sec
    8.Grade A electrostatic protection
    With data output function,USB interface allows data to be outputted to a printer or computer for data processing and printing
    10.Glass fixed grib, stable and high accuracy


    Technical Parameters


    Measuring range:0-150mm/0-6inch

    Measuring range:0-200mm/0-8inch

    Measuring range:0-300mm/0-12inch

    Battery type: 3V lithium CR2032 battery (Not included)

    Type :Measure for ID ,OD,depth and step dimension

    Protection IP54

    Data output :YES

    Display :LCD