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    Self Defense Alarm 130dB Security Protect Alert Scream Loud Emergency Alarm Keychain Personal Safety For Women Child Elder Girl

    Product description

    Defense was created by a Retired Fire Fighter. Started a small business to support a growing family.
    Defense Military Grade, Patented Design Self Defense Siren & Personal Alarm for women, kids and elderly is committed to bringing a safe and reliable device in times of emergency.
    Our mission is to bring you and your loved ones a product that helps in times of crisis. Unlike other self defense siren, we make sure our product are with high standards and affordable.
    Self-defense siren, personal alarm keychain is a portable original emergency device that when activated in times of emergency provides a very loud sound and LED light to scare off attackers. Most used for emergency self-defense situations, such as burglaries, kidnaping and abduction. Feel safe carrying the device when you do night running, dog walking, and even in emergency situations involving elderly health emergencies.
    - 130db sound – Can be heard from HUNDREDS of feet away! Scare off your attacker while
    simultaneously attracting help.
    - LED light - help with night-time visibility while walking, running, walking your
    dog, hiking, camping, and more.
    - Easy to activate - just pull the pin and the siren will activate!
    - Lightweight & Portable Alarm Keychain: Self-defense alarm can be attached to purse,
    backpack, keys, belt loops, suitcases, and more. It also can be brought onboarding
    a plane, really convenient, fit for Students, Joggers, Elders, Kids, Women, Night workers.
    -Pull the pin and it makes a loud sound and flashes bright strobe to keep you safe.
    -The Light of The Siren Original Personal Safety Alarm is LOUD at 130db! It can attract
    attention when needed from hundreds of feet away.
    -Small size and light weight of the device, 0.93 oz (~26g) makes this perfect self
    defense weapons for women.