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    Ruancheng 8G 128G 2 Din Android 10 Car Radio GPS AI Carplay Auto Stereo Universal 7" For Volkswagen Nissan Hyundai Kia Toyota

    >> Ruancheng Android 2 Din Car Radio

    >> Ruancheng Android 2 Din Car Radio Multimedia Video Player GPS Navigation 7"HD 1024x600 Universal Car Audio Stereo WiFI Bluetooth 5.0 USB for Volkswagen Nissan Toyota Hyundai Polo Features!
    Different options correspond to different versions, models and functions, please pay attention! ! !
    > Basic functions: 7-inch TN screen (IPS HD screen/QLED quantum screen optional) + quad-core, octa-core (optional) + memory 1GB (2GB/4GB/8GB optional) + ROM 16GB (32GB)/64GB/ 128GB optional) + WIFI (4G network optional) + rear view mirror + headrest + steering wheel control + Carplay/Android Auto (optional) + 1080P CAM/AHD/CVBS rear view camera (optional)
    + ADAS driving recorder (optional).
    > Special features:
    1.3D stereo surround DSP: main tuning mode is optional, you can also customize the tuning, 3D stereo surround DSP enjoy the royal music feast!
    2. Soft-process AI voice control: You can control the walkie-talkie just by speaking the command, without hands, making driving safer.

    8-core top processor,top-level processor, running smoothly and without stuttering

    A variety of maps can be downloaded at will,Enjoy the fun of driving and travel the world safely

    3D stereo surround sound, DSP master-level tuning, you can choose preset sound effects, and you can also adjust the sound effects at will!

    You can tune whatever you want!

    3D stereo surround DSP, enjoy the imperial auditorium!

    5.1CH,REAR R OUT,REAR L OUT,CENTER OUT,(A6/A8/V1 Models Only)

    "Throne of Kings" enjoy 3D stereo surround sound, a variety of preset sound effects, professionally debugged by the Dts master tuner; you can set the emperor sound field, set the volume, tone and sound range of different positions, in this position, give you a king-like listening experience !

    (A6/A8/V1 Model support)

    The A6/A8/V1 models support 360 panoramic cameras

    QLED ultra-clear quantum screen, 2.5D tempered screen, enjoy driving fun, travel around the world safely.

    AI voice, free your hands, start a smart journey!

    Support Carplay,Support Android Auto.

    Support 1080P/AHD/CVBS CAM, waterproof, shockproof, ultra-clear display.

    ADAS driving warning function, if you are too close to the vehicle in front or deviate from the current driving track, it will alarm and remind, making your driving safer!

    Support 4G and WiFi,The Internet is with you anytime, anywhere.

    Support steering wheel control, non-destructive installation.

    You can open two APP pages at the same time, split screen display!

    If you need video output, click Buy

    USB car TPMS,Tire pressure monitor, high temperature alarm, low pressure alarm, real-time monitoring of tire status, protect your car safety

    A:RCA Input/Output C:USB Cable E:Camera Input F:Power Cable H:GPS Antenna

    (1) White- Front Left Speaker+                                  (2) White black- Front Left Speaker -        
    (3) Purple black- Rear Right Speaker -                       (4) Purple-  Rear Right Speaker +
    (5) Green- Rear Left Speaker+                                   (6) Green black- Rear Left Speaker-
    (7) grey- Front Right Speaker+                                  (8) Gray black- Front Right Speaker-
    (9) Brown- Steering wheel control line                      (10) Reversing control
    (11) Key switch                                                           (12) Small light line
    (13) Power Antenna/Amplifier Turn on                      (14) Brown black- Steering wheel control line
    (15) power supply-                                                     (16) power supply+


    System: Android 10.0
    Chipset: 8 cores
    Screen size: 7''
    Screen resolution: 1024*600
    Power output: 4*45W
    Split screen: support
    Carplay: Wireless + Wired
    Android output: wired
    Steering wheel control function: support
    Bluetooth version: 5.0
    Radio frequency band: FM/AM/RDS
    Map: Built-in offline map (requires network download)
    Network: WiFi+4G (optional)
    USB: Dual USB ports
    Camera: 1080P CAM/AHD CAM/CVBS
    DVR: support
    Video output: support
    Phone Link: Support
    Navigation map: GPS/BDS/Glons
    Audio format: APE/FLAC/WAV/MP3/WMA, etc.
    Video format: MKV/RMVB/AVI/MP4/MDV, etc.
    Image format: PNG/JPEG/JPG/GIF/WBMP/BNP, etc.
    Language: Chinese/English/French/Italian/Korean/Japanese/Arabic/Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/Turkish/Vietnamese/Hebrew/Polish/German etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why does the car radio show "no signal" when reversing?
    (1) Please check whether the camera cable is correct
    (2) If the wiring is normal, please switch the camera mode, the default mode of our radio setting is AHD, you can change the mode to "CVBS-NTSC" in the settings, be sure to click Save after changing
    Note: The default mode of the 1+16G/1+32G model camera is CVBS and does not need to be replaced

    2. Why does the 4G card display no signal?
    (1) After inserting the SD card, if only the network is displayed and there is no signal, restart the radio to return to normal

    3. Why does the touch screen not work?
    (1) If the touch screen is not sensitive, you can do touch calibration in the settings
    Model R1/R2/A1/A2 Calibration: Placing 5 fingers on the screen will take you to the calibration learning page
    A6/A8/A20 model calibration: Enter the factory settings, enter the password: 16176699, find the button to learn, enter the learning and click Save

    4. Why is the USB card not recognized?
    (1) Insert the USB card if it is not recognized, restart the radio

    5. Why won't the radio turn on?
    (1) The condition for the radio to be turned on is to connect the ACC (11) line and the +GND (16) line in the power line to the positive terminal of the car's 12V power supply, and the -GND (15) number to the negative terminal of the power supply. There may be little chance that the power cord will not match your car.
    (2) Note: Our car radio must be connected with our power cord, it is not possible to insert the original car plug directly into our machine.
    (3) If you still cannot open it after following the above steps, please send us a video to confirm. The video needs to show that the power cable is connected normally, and test the cable with a meter to 12V

    6. What the camera displays when watching video using USB! and "Can't watch videos while driving"?
    (1) Please turn off the "Reversing" function in the settings.

    7. Radio setting password: different models, different passwords

    R1/R2/A1/A2 model password: factory setting: 1234
    A6/A8Model Password: Factory Setup Password: 16176699 Theme Setup Password: 111333 Reset Password: 1234
    A20 model password: factory setting password: 8888/123456 factory reset password: 7890

    Please do not give us bad reviews and disputes before contacting us. If there are any problems with the product, please contact us first, we will help you solve the problem with 5-star service!

    Package Included:

    1 car multimedia player
    1 power cord
    1 x RCA input/output
    1 x GPS Antenna
    1 camera input
    2 x USB cables
    1 x 4G Antennas (Optional)
    2 x Hardware Brackets