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    Podofo Universal 7'' Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Wireless Carplay And Wireless Android Auto Touch Screen For Nissan Toyota

    Podofo Universal 7'' Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Wireless Carplay And Wireless Android Auto Touch Screen For Nissan Toyota

    Function Introduction

    *Wireless Carplay&Wireless Android Auto



    *Mirror Link

    *2.5D Touch Screen

    *FM Transmitting

    *Support Voice control

    *Passive cooling

    *Support Image mirror

    *Support Wallpaper

    *Support Reset

    *Support Firmware version

    *With card reading function

    UI Display:


    The 7-inch high-resolution screen has good display effect, bright colors and delicate picture texture.

    The kit includes a vertical stand and suction cup stand, which can be adapted to more models. You can choose different installation methods according to your preference.

    Support wireless Apple CarPlay function, can connect to the host through mobile phone Bluetooth and WiFi and use iPhone CarPlay function. You can view navigation, listen to songs, etc. through CarPlay

    Support the wireless Android AUTO function, you can connect to the host through the Bluetooth and WiFi of the mobile phone and use the AUTO function of the Android mobile phone.

    FM transmitter function, through this function, you can transmit the music or other sound of the host to the original car audio system.

    With card reading function, insert the memory card into the host to watch the videos stored in the card.

    Product Display:
    Screen: HD 1024 x 600
    Language: English / Russian / Spanish / French / German /Japanese/Korean
    Voltage: 7-32V
    Installation method: Vertical stand/Suction cup stand
    Operating temperature: :-4~149 ℉
    Package included:
    7 Inch Smart Screen Player
    Universal Mount*2
    User Manual
    Cigarette lighter plug
    Cigarette lighter conversion plug(Optional)
    AUX cable


    This product can only be matched with the specific camera in the picture below, please consult customer service if you need to purchase.

    How to make installation

    1:Lock Car Monitor on the holder

    2:Fix Car Monitor on the front windshield or put it on dashboard with Suction Stand

    3:Get the power supply from the vehicle‘s Cigarette Charger

    Bluetooth disconnection problem program:

    1. Please try to connect Bluetooth with another phone

    2. Set the smart screen to Carplay mode or Auto mode: 1. Enter the phone settings, WIFI connection interface, and turn on the WIFI switch. 2. Check the signal strength of the WIFI name CARLINK-xxxxxx in the WIFI list interface.

    3. Use the power of the cigarette lighter in the kit, otherwise there will be Bluetooth disconnection problem.

    4. Turn off and reboot the phone or try to restore the factory settings

    5. Delete other Bluetooth devices