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    New 4K Security Camera System 8MP Audio Mic CCTV POE NVR AI Color Night Home Video Surveillance Camera Outdoor Set


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    Main Features:

    1. Our NVR And Cameras All Are Real H.265 4K 8MP, Other Brands Only Have 4MP or 5MP.Nocturnal security cameras use an 4K image sensor that delivers exceptionally detailed 4K Ultra HD resolution video.4K resolution offers four times the resolution of 1080p with approximately 4000 horizontal pixels, provides the maximum level of detail and clarity available.

    2. All camera infrared lamps use Taiwan imported wicks,Providing better Night Vision,

    3.HDR improves video clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image.

    4.H.265 compresses video file sizes without any noticable difference in quality, which will save you lots of hard drive space

    5.aluminum exteriors will extend the life-cycle so you can count on years of uninterupted service.

    6.Installation is very simple, plug and play,IP cameras only need a single Cat5e ethernet cable to connect it to a compatible NVR for video, power and a stable network connection.

    7:Regional Motion Zones:Using the NVR, you can program specific motion zones so that they are customized for heightened sensitivity (the amount of motion needed to register that movement) and threshold (how much motion is needed before creating a motion "event").

    8.P2P Remote Access/Multi-User : P2P technology let you be able to view the live situation of your house wherever you are , just with the P2P account on the app via your Smartphone or tablet.

    9.Support Smart Motion Detection,Email Alerts .

    Not include Cable:

    High Quality transmission Copper core Cable for POE System

    An Incredible 8MP 4K Super HD IP Camera

    With a high resolution of 8megapixels (3840 x 2160), this 8MP HD IP surveillance camera is able to capture videos in 3840p HD quality. It is a huge advancement compared to 720p HD or 1080p Full HD. you never miss a single detail of your loved ones. which enables you to see all objects very clearly.

    Advanced H.265 Video Compression

    H.265 More Clear , HD resolution offer you best image quality in a lower bit rate.Save more storage space,can reduce 40%-50% file size,save your HDD storage space and reduce your purchase cost.

    Smart IR-Cut Full Color Night Vision

    Day Vision, Night Vision, Full Color Night Vision Three Night Modes For You To Select

    Smart AI Humanoid alert

    When person come into the camera area, activated LED will turn white and the camera image will be color.

    Audio Record Camera

    The microphone will capture the sounds around the camera, providing you with additional information (and evidence, if needed) to your security.

    Enhanced Security Monitoring with HDR

    Your security camera uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that works to ensure you capture the most important details, regardless of lighting conditions. Dynamic range is measured as the difference between the brightest point and the darkest point of the video. HDR technology uses this difference to automatically adjust the picture's brightness, resulting in optimized, highly-detailed security video.

    3DNR Enhanced Clarity in Low-Light Situations

    Your camera uses DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology to filter out noise from low-light settings as well any noise caused by motion. By eliminating graininess, your camera provides a cleaner, more accurate image with better clarity, sharpness, and improved motion detection, enhancing your HD experience even in the dark! Not only does DNR reduce noise, but it reduces video file sizes as well, giving you greater disc space for storage.

    Advanced Smart Motion Detection & Email Alerts

    This 4K 8MP security System can detect motion and notify you instantly through push notifications, emails alerts . You can personalize all kinds of alerts to fit your needs.

    Locate incident Video with Smart Playback

    You can freely playback to any specific moment on the timetable of your recordings and enjoy it on a beautiful intuitive interface

    Easy access via free Mobile Device APP & PC Software

    When you go outside,you needn't to worry about your property security. By using the asecam wireless cctv system,you can remote view live video simultaneously at anytime, anywhere with wifi/4G on smartphone/iPad/PC. With the free app "XMEye" users can access footage via their smart device (IOS/Android) or computer (Windows) software:CMS. Watch live streams and view playbacks instantly, helping you stay informed whenever, wherever.

    IP67 Waterproof All-weather Security Camera

    The camera case is made of high-quality Metal , it could protect your camera from Violent destruction and rain ourdoors.This ensures safe outdoor installations. Furious winds, torrential downpours, and furious snowstorms are no match for this rugged security camera. So go ahead and place this security camera where you need it most. Its heavy duty metal housing is well equipped to withstand both the elements and vandalism.

    Multilingual Operating Systems:

    20+ Languages Available: Russian, English, Italian, Portuguses, Spanish, French, German etc

    24/7 Monitoring and Recording, NVR Never Sleeps

    ASECAM 8MP 4K PoE NVR security camera system supports simultaneous live feed and 24/7 recording for all cameras. the security IP camera can not only record just motion clips, but also every single minute of what happened. When something abnormal is detected, you’ll get notified instantly. You will never miss anything.

    Simplify POE installation,Easy to setup

    Power over Ethernet means the IP cameras connect to the NVR with a single cable that transmits both data and power, No need to connect power cable, lower risk of electric leakage and easy to set up. This literally simplified the installation and reduced costs.

    Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Based On P2P (Peer To Peer) Technology, Support Plug-And-Play Installation.

    Access The IP Camera Through Its Web Interface Via Internet Explorer,

    Also Comes With a Free Smartphone App (Android & Iphone) For Remotely View From Anywhere.

    Support IOS And Android Device Access. Scan QR-Code To Login. Download Free App In Apple App Store / Google Play.

    Real 100000% 8MP 4K System

    NVR Video recording and camera all Full 4K and H.265,If you get the goods no Full 4K or no h.265 ,We full refund !

    10000% Real ASECAM Customer Feedback

    Product reviews from our customers,actual use effect,Real 4K 8MP HD Camera,Best price!!