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    Mini Flashlight Rechargeable Glare COB Keychain Light USB Charging Emergency Lamps LED Work Light Portable Outdoor Camping Light

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    1. There are four lighting modes: strong light - medium light - strobe - long press super bright.

    2. Can be used as a bottle opener, and is equipped with a magnetic base design, which can be fixed on metal surfaces.

    3. Built-in rechargeable battery can last 1-4 hours.

    4. Ideal for hiking or daily use.


    Light source type: 30 COB wicks

    Material: Aluminum alloy+PC

    Lighting mode: strong light - medium light - flash - long press super bright

    Single package size: 95*55*27mm

    Size: 6*4*2cm

    Time: 4 hours (1.5 hours highlighted)

    Brightness: 1000 lumens

    Battery capacity: 500mAh

    Charging method: Type-c charging

    Net weight/gross weight: 42.9g/63.9g

    Application scenarios: door opening at night, dog walking, power failure emergency, troubleshooting, etc.

    Japan friends Review

    1.Right out of the box I liked this light a lot. It's very bright - the photo below is on LOW and you can see how much light it throws.

    2. On HIGH and MAX you cannot look directly at it, especially in the dark. It seems very durable and the charging works great, the LED goes from RED to GREEN when it's charged up.

    3.It snaps right on to a keychain, and you can gauge the size. Not very heavy, it does add a little weight to the keychain.

    4.Just take off some of your old, unused keys lol. Magnet is powerful! Keep away from magnetic media!

    5.The little stand in the back works as you can see. I ran it for 45 minutes on LOW from a full battery and there was no sign of it running out of power, so you could definitely use this for a walk at night. And it seems quite rugged - the metal surrounds the LED and the clear lens seems thick.

    6. I didn't water test it but I think it would hold up to rain, etc. I like it a lot. In many ways it's better than a conventional round flashlight

    Korean friends Review

    1.This little small compact led light is ridiculously bright almost to bright.

    2. I have no doubt it's every bit of 1000 lumins 30 COB Light and they measure that.

    3.It casts a super wide beam so it's more of a mini lamp than a directed beam flashlight.

    4. I mean that in a good way. Everything in front of it will be illuminated expecially peoples eyes. That's why I said maybe to bright.

    5.I think it's the best form factor I've ever seen in a mini light. Perfect on my harness for doing rigging in a dark convention hall ceiling.

    6. The magnet is cool and the little kickstand is nice but probably easy to break. I have a very small tripod that screws into the tripod mount in the bottom of it so I really like that they have that feature.

    7. I also added a flat strap that I had to the top that makes it easier to carry when its on my belt loop.

    8. I highly recommend this light and will be buying another just so I have a backup.

    9.So far battery life is great I havnt had it run out on me at all. I don't Leave it on for super long periods