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    Intelligent Voltage Tester Pen Non-contact Induction Digital Power Detector Pencil Electric Screwdriver Probe Circuit Indicator

    Product features:

    1. High hardness and good electrical conductivity

    2. Electrical maintenance / screwdriver assistance

    3. Humanized clip-on design for easy electrical maintenance and portability

    4. Fully insulated anti-fall material, durable and improved safety performance

    5. High-brightness LED bulb self-inspection: high-brightness works smoothly and is clearly visible in the sun

    Uses: Can be used in electronics factories, home appliances, car maintenance, home furnishing, etc., with a wide range of uses

    Product Specifications:

    Model: electrician color light metering pen

    Lamp beads: high brightness LED lamp beads

    Type: 1PC

    Shell material: anti-drop insulation PC

    Measuring range: 70-250V

    Bit Material: HRA Titanium Alloy

    Product length: 15.5m

    Word batch head: 4mm

    Exposed drill bit: 17mm

    Battery model:3 LR41 button batteries

    Packing list:

    Electrician color light test pen*1


    1. Neutral / live wire detection: LED test results red light green light indicates live wire, green light indicates neutral wire

    2. Detection along the line: LED light on means the line is not locked, LED light off means the line is disconnected

    3. Wire switch: If the plug and wire core are in good condition, the light will be on, if not, it means that the core wire is in poor contact.