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    Hi-Spec 50pc 75mm Extra Long Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Set Security Head 1/4 Screwdriver Bits Kit Torx Star Hex Spline Bit Set

    Main Features
    ➤ 75mm Extra Long Size, Great For Working With Hard To Reach Areas
    ➤ 50 Pieces Bit Assortment for All Jobs
    ➤ Chrome Vanadium Steel for Durable and Strength
    ➤ Well Stay in a Sturdy Blow Mold Case, Easy to Carry and Storage
    Technical Data
    ✔ 49pc 75mm Cr-V Screwdriver Bits:
    Torx bits: T8-10-15-20-25-27-30-35-40
    Tamper Proof Torx bits: T10-15-20-25-30
    Clutch bits: 1-2-3
    Torq bits: 6-8-10
    Spline bits: M5-6-8
    Tri-Wing bits: 1-2-3-4
    Square bits: 1-2
    Spanner bits: 4-6-8-10mm
    Flat bits: 4-5-6mm
    Phillips bits: PH 1-2
    Pozidrive bits: PZ 1-2
    Tamper Proof Hex bits: 2-2.5-3-4-5-6mm
    Hex bits: 4-5-6mm
    ✔ 1pc Magnetic Bit Holder
    ✔ Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
    Package contents
    1 * 50pc Extra Long 75mm Bit Set

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