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    Grease Gun Coupler Quick Lock On Release Fitting Double Handle Design 1/8" NPT Heavy Duty High Pressure Grease Coupler Tip

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    High Quality Double Handle Grease Fitting

    Material: stainless iron
    Length: 90MM
    Mouth diameter: 1.5CM
    Handle length: 5CM
    Internal thread : 9.4MM
    Leak-free Design
    Enhanced jaws and premium sealing gaskets prevent leakage even at extreme pressures of 10000 PSI, ensuring long-time service and stable performance. No more wasted grease mess everywhere.

    Good Springs

    The springs perform well and guarantee smooth sliding throughout their entire life cycle.

    Double Handle
    --With the double handle design, it is more labor-saving when oiling.
    --The fine texture of the handle ensures friction with the palm of your hand and avoids accidental slipping.
    High Pressure Resistance
    --No need to observe when applying oil.
    --Maximum working pressure is 10000psi (690Bar)
    --Ideal for continuous use without cracks, leakage, warping or typical wear.
    --Suitable for M6/M8/M10/M12/M14 oil nozzle
    --Suitable for all types of grease guns-pneumatic, manual and electric.

    Double Handle Gear Grease Nipple

    Upgraded version
    • Double Handle Is More Labor-saving
    • Thickened six-petal lock plate
    • Universal grease nipple
    • stainless steel
    • Lock without slippery tongue

    Thread diameter 10mm, both flexible and hard pipes can be connected

    --Tighten the connecting hose with a wrench it is not easy to leak oil

    Nozzle Clamping
    --National standard M6 / M8 / M10 / M12 / M14
    Don't leak a drop of oil, refuel quickly
    --Longer life with high pressure resistance


    --Product name : Gear Type Double Handle Grease Nozzle
    --Features : Double handle design , high pressure self-locking
    --Material : Stainless steel ( handle alloy steel )
    --Size :
    Length: 9cm
    Mouth diameter: 14mm
    Internal thread: 10mm
    --Nozzle clamping : National standard M6 / M8 / M10 / M12
    --Adaptation : Universal manual / electric / pneumatic grease gun

    17000 Psi Double Handle High Pressure Grease Gun Coupler


    Product type: Double handle Grease Coupler

    Material: Stainless Steel and Rubber

    Length: 90MM

    Diameter of tip: 14MM

    Sealing ring: Aerospace grade silicone imported oil seal

    Working withstand voltage: 17000(psi)


    1. Stainless steel material, longer service life and stronger

    2. Upgrade the anti-skid cover to keep your hands tight

    3.Thickened silicone imported oil seal, more durable

    - The national standard grease nipple can be used,

    and the national standard M6/M8/M10/M12/M14 grease nipple is universal

    - Technical upgrade, six-lobe lock cylinder grease nipple, more tightly clamped.

    Thickened locking piece, high pressure resistance up to 17000psi

    - Manual/Pneumatic/Electric Grease Gun Universal

    - Aerospace-grade silicone imported oil seal, high pressure resistance and no oil leakage

    Package includes:

    1 x Double handle Grease Coupler