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    Digital Voltmeter DC 4.5V to 30V Digital Voltmeter Voltage Panel Meter Red/Blue/Green For 6V 12V Electromobile Motorcycle Car



    100% Brand new and high quality
    This Red DC Voltage Meter with
    DC4.5-30V range. It is easy to read, install and use
    And it is self-powered version and supports Reverse polarity protection.
    When the voltage is under 10V, there will 2 readings after decimal point, which mean the accuracy is 0.01 when it is under 10V; when it is above 10v, the accuracy is 0.1

    Mini RedLED display
    No power supply needed
    Measure Voltage: DC 4.5-30V two-wire access
    Display: Three digit 0.56" LED, Red/Blue/Green
    Refresh Speed: Approx.300mS/time
    Highest input:DC 30V (higher than 30v has the risk of burn up)
    Minimum input:DC 4.5V(below than 4.5V,measurement is inaccurate or does not show)
    Minimum Resolution:0.01V(<10V)/0.1V(>10V)
    Working Temperature:-20°~65°
    Size:Approx. 48mm x 29mm x 22mm(L*W*H)
    Hole Size: Approx.46*27mm
    Current Consumption:<23mA

    LED Color: 
    Red/Blue/Green color

    2 wire DC digital display voltage meter 0.56 inch LED digital voltmeter DC5V-120V


    Low start voltage, red minimum 5V, green minimum 5V, blue minimum 5V. It has reverse connection protection and does not burn when connected reversely

    Ultra high withstand voltage 132v, no burning.

    Measurement range: red dc5-120.0v, green dc5-120.0v, blue dc5-120.0v
    Power supply range: no additional power supply is required, and the measured voltage is directly used as the power supply, and the range is the same as above
    Maximum input: dc132v note: input voltage higher than 132v may cause permanent damage! Allowable error: ± 1%
    Input impedance: > 100k Ω
    Working current: Red < 23ma, green < 18ma, blue < 13mA
    Refresh speed: about 300ms once
    Display mode: three digit 0.56led digital tube
    Display color: red, green and blue
    Lead length: 20cm
    Dimension: 48x29x22mm, length x width x thickness
    Opening size 46x27mm
    3-wire DC 0-30V
    Measurement range: 0-30V
    Minimum input: DC 0V
    Maximum input: dc30 ∨ (over this voltage, it may be burnt out)
    Allowable error: 1% (+ / - 1 word)
    Display mode: 3-digit 0.56 "led nixie tube
    Display color: red, green or blue
    Refresh speed: About 200ms / time
    Power supply: DC 3-30V
    Current consumption: less than 20mA, generally 5-15ma
    Working temperature: - 10 ℃ - 65 ℃
    Dimension: 48mm * 29mm * 22mm
    Opening size: 46 × 27mm
    Lead length: 20cm