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    Defensa Personal Keychain Self Defense Stinger Drill Protection Tactical Security Outdoor Tool Black Nylon For Men Women

    High strength nylon

    Made of high strength nylon plastic steel, resistant to strong collision and impact resistance.

    Portable for carry

    The self defense stinger can be hung up at any time. It's small size and multi-purpose use will let you take it anywhere!

    Hand tools for surviving

    When your car in an accident, you can use it to break the window. Could be used for a key chain, ideal as girls or travelers self-defense tools.

    Meet the ergonomics design

    When held properly, the stinger aligns itself with the arm bones and its blunt nose becomes an effective power focus. The carry hand retains over 50% of its normal manual dexterity.

    Aluminum emergency whistle

    The whistle sound is loud, clear and pleasant, the transmission distance is long, when outdoor travel, you can confirm the direction for you, avoid getting lost, find companions, etc.

    Multi-function bottle opener

    It has various functions and can easily deal with various emergencies. Can be used for: open bottles, unscrew screwdrivers, fix skis and bicycles, and open cardboard boxes, but also suitable for travel, hiking, adventure, camping, and other outdoor activities, etc.

    Cute cat ear bottle opener

    This touchless keyring is designed with cat ear shape, very cute and practical, you can use this to open the door, also this cat ear keychain can be used as bottle opener.

    Non-metal & through security

    Non-metallic material, can be convenient through train, subway, plane and other security checks. Can be used for camping hiking, emergency survival wild accessories, etc.

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