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    Car Truck Voltage Circuit Tester Auto 6V 24V Line Tester Tools Car diagnostic Probe Test Pen Light Bulb Automobile Polarity Pen

    Electric test pen/digital display electric pen 3-36V/repair and maintenance electric test pen tool

    product features:

    1. Sharp steel probes can easily pierce wire insulation to check circuits.

    2. The probe pen is ideal for checking circuits, fuses, switches and wiring in cars, trailers, boats, motorcycles and other low voltage systems.

    3. Ground the alligator clip and test the circuit with a probe. When the light is on, there is electricity.

    product instructions:

    1. Clip the measured alligator clip to the ground wire (such as the metal or negative pole of the car)

    2. Measure the conductive metal in the test circuit with the needle of the electric pen

    3. If the light bulb of the stylus will light up, it means that the measured point has formed a circuit and works normally. On the contrary, there is a fault at the measured point, which is to be checked.

    Product Specifications:

    Material: ABS+metal

    Clamping capacity: 20A

    Bulb: 3 watt bulb (replaceable)

    Voltage test range: 6v-24v;

    Pen Length: 17.3 cm/6.8 inches

    Probe Length: 8.3 cm/3.3 inches

    Cord length: 96 cm / 37.8 inches

    Packing weight: 140g

    Green pen material: ABS+steel, LED

    Green Pen Size: (Approx.) Pen Length: 150mm, Line Length: 75cm


    1. Due to the chip update, the working range is 6V to 24V, but the mark on the test pen body shows 6 to 12V, please do not order if you mind;

    2. We default you have accepted when ordering. Thank you for your understanding,;

    3. Since the world voltage is different, please allow a tolerance of ±1.5V.

    Product List:

    1*Test pen