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    Automatic Dimming Welding Glasses Argon Arc Welding Solar Goggles Special Anti-glare Glasses tools For Welders Automatic Dimming


    Professional welding mirror: This solar auto-dimming welding mirror is made of high-quality PP material, which is sturdy and durable; it is designed with soft rubber and is very comfortable to wear for a long time; it also has anti-ultraviolet, infrared radiation and anti-radiation, which can be very effective in work. Protect your eyes well.

    Automatic dimming design: The automatic dimming filter automatically changes from the bright state to the dark state when an arc occurs, and returns to the bright state when the welding stops.

    Good protection: welding goggles with adjustable hoods are designed to protect the eyes from sparks and harmful radiation.

    Easy to use: The length of the legs can be adjusted, and it is equipped with a head-mounted strap. The automatic dimming lens is light and convenient, and has super impact resistance, making it safer and more reliable to use

    Wide range of applications: simple and safe operation, light weight;

    Suitable for electric welding, gas shielded welding, argon arc welding, electric saw, electric welding, etc.

    Solar energy is more environmentally friendly and economical. Can be used for a long time without worrying about charging power



    Type: Automatic darkening welding glasses

    Energy supply: solar

    Shading level: 6-13 level

    Frame color: black


    The package includes:

    1 x Auto-darkening welding glasses

    1 x headband rope

    5PCS protective sheet