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    720° Rotary Endoscope 2023 Industrial Camera 6.0ios Sewer Check Auto Repair Articulating Borescope

    !Official certification: genuine supplier (LMS CAP Official Store)


    1. Important warning: the internal temperature of the tested object shall not

    exceed 90 ℃ when using this endoscope for testing, otherwise the damage

    caused by high temperature of the instrument is not within the scope of warranty.

    2. Control the rocker slowly and stop it if there is resistance;

    3. It is forbidden to pull out the insertion tube when the lens is bent.

    4. It is forbidden to use this instrument to observe human beings or animals,

    otherwise the consequences will be borne by yourself;

    5. It is forbidden to work in the running machine to avoid accidents;

    6. It is prohibited to use or store in flammable, explosive, strong electromagnetic

    and other environments, otherwise it may cause fire or explosion

    7. It is prohibited to work when the detected object is electrified to avoid electric


    8. Avoid contacting water, oil and other oil objects for a long time to avoid damage

    to the equipment;

    9. Do not use hands or other objects to bend the probe, fold in half or stretch the

    pipeline to avoid damaging the equipment;

    10. After the instrument is used, clean the instrument pipeline in time to



    Product parameter

    1.Lens diameter: 6.0MM

    2.Lens length : 15mm

    3.Turning radius : 22mm

    4.length : 1|3|5M

    5.Depth f of field : 3cm--∞ ∞ or 4mm--100mm

    6.Temperature : -20°C to 90°C

    7.Battery capacity : 2800mA

    8.Endurance time : ≥5H

    9.Resolution : 1920*1080

    10.Min Lux : 0.03Lux

    11.Work Voltage : 3.3V

    12.FOV : 70 °|90°|120°|140°

    13.Bending direction : 2 way

    14.Bending angle : ≥180°

    15. file format : JPG/MP4

    16. Photo resolution : 1920*1080

    17.Recording resolution : 1280*720

    18.Transmission mode : WIFI

    19.Lens material : Aluminum alloy and mesh

    20.Handle material : PVC