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    10pcs 11# 23# Carbon Steel Surgical Scalpel Blades with Handle Engraving Craft Knives Cutter Graver Screen Film DIY Cutting Tool


    11pcs 11number=1pc 11number handle + 10pcs 11number blade

    11pcs 23number=1pc 23number handle + 10pcs 23number blade

    1pc 11number handle/1pc 23number handle(no blade)

    10pcs 11number blade/10pcs 23number blade(no handle)

    Product description:

    Blade made of stainless steel

    super hardness,excellent sharpness

    Super sharpness for the blade edge,cut anything with great ease

    Sterile.Curved cutting edge is one of the more traditional blade shapes.

    Used generally for making small incisions

    Individually packaged