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    1 Inch 182 Pcs Wet and Dry Sandpaper with 3 mm Shank Sanding Pad Foam Interface Pad for Buffing and Polishing Fiberglass


    Made of high quality latex paper that can suitable for both wet and dry use, so you can use them on art and craft, wood work, painted surfaces, fiberglass, automotive, metal, jewelry, car, mirror and plastic applications for buffing and polishing.


    Will not fall apart, tear or crumble off during using.


    Most kinds of rotary tools, such as die grinders, air grinders, electric drills, etc.

    【Package including】

    60 GRIT X 15
    80 GRIT X 15
    100 GRIT X 15
    150 GRIT X 15
    240 GRIT X 15
    400 GRIT X 15
    800 GRIT X 15
    1200 GRIT X 15
    2000 GRIT X 15
    3000 GRIT X 15
    5000 GRIT X 15
    10000 GRIT X 15
    Backer Plate 1/8" Shank X 1
    Hard Foam Buffering Pad X 1