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    😃 If you want something we do not carry?

    March 25, 2023 1 min read 0 Comments

    If you want something we do not carry in our store. . .  Just tell us what it is you would like and we will see if we can get it for you at a better price.

    Even if we do not carry it nor can we get it, we can maybe we can find it for you.  We have numerous resources at our disposal. If we can find it, at least one of our customers wants it, maybe we should get a few to see how popular a store item it becomes. There are millions of products out there that prove to be excellent products at fantastic prices. Doing one of these Shopify stores is a great idea. You learn a lot about sales and marketing, Taxation, drop-shipping, web site development, some coding, and consumerisms. It's interesting stuff.

    Have a nice day, or have a lousy day and keep it to yourself because there is already far too much hate and discontent in the world today. Bring a little happiness throughout your day. Hey, you want to hear a joke? Oops! Boss said "No Jokes" but smiled when he said it. Does that mean I can or cannot?

    There was an old lady from Pasadena. She, a cowboy, and a Preist walk into a Bar. . . 

    (DIDN'T I JUST SAY No Jokes?) (Sorry Boss) Sorry folks,